Meet Cindy Winch


A Passion for Practical Education

The daughter of a teacher, Cindy developed an early appreciation for the value of education and the commitment and efforts of educators. She attended public schools and was accepted into the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA). In 2003, Cindy received her degree from LSU with a concentration in Disaster Science & Management providing her with an understanding of hazard mitigation, risk assessment, disaster response, sustainable development and the environmental impacts of flooding and hurricanes. Unable to find a career in this field in 2004 and wanting to stay in Louisiana, she took classes at SOWELA Technical Community College to gain skills for work in the oilfields.

Hard Working Roots

Cindy was raised in Cajun Country and grew up surrounded and influenced by farmers, ranchers, mechanics, oilfield workers, educators and family business owners. From them, Cindy learned early the importance of hard work, education and perseverance. Her father worked in the oil and gas sector as a helicopter mechanic and her family moved often throughout the state to follow her father’s job or get into better school districts. Cindy believed, like her parents that armed with an education, skills, and a willingness to work hard, she would be able to support herself.  What she learned was that the world has changed. The jobs that she worked offshore were no longer secure jobs as they are strongly influenced by the boom-bust cycle of oil prices.  In search of stable employment, she turned to claims adjusting and administrative work, but these positions offer limited benefits and no long-term stability.

A Call to Serve

As Cindy worked temporary jobs and multiple jobs to make ends meet, she met an alarming number of residents with similar experiences. She learned of their ongoing financial fears and the tough decisions they make to balance the rising costs of living, taxes, health care, and education often while raising children or caring for elderly parents. She saw that her elected officials were out of touch on these issues within our district. Cindy decided to make a difference by getting off the sidelines and to run as your Representative on DPEC Seat 5 by furthering efforts to expand outreach of the politically ignored and promote grassroots candidates.


Vote CINDY WINCH for STP DPEC Seat 5 on Saturday, April 4th 


71160 Caroline St. Abita Springs, LA 70420

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